Best AdSense alternatives: Top 10 alternatives to adsense for blog (HUGE) monitization

AdSense is one of the best ad programs for bloggers. Every blogger when starts his blog for the very first time, he has a dream to get his blog approved for Google AdSense.

Google is very strict for AdSense publishers; one mistake and your account will be disabled. So basically there are two categories of bloggers who are in need of other ad programsother than AdSense; one who got their account disabled, and other who never got approved by Google AdSense.

Why you should look for AdSense alternatives:

Though AdSense is very popular and effective contextual ad program, there are reasons why you should consider other blog monetization programs:

  1. AdSense is moody and my deactivate your account without notice.
  2. You pay for faults by others, i.e., click fraud
  3. As the ads are based on the reader’s browsing pattern sometimes irrelevant ads are shown on your blog which might be embarrassing.
  4. The payment is way less than some popular blog advertisement programs.
  5. You can earn way more by placing banner ads and in-text ads by other ad programs an affiliate sites.

In this blog post, I am listing top 10 Alternatives of Google AdSense:


  1. [BSA]: A high paying alternative to AdSense.

When we are talking about ad programs, earning potential must be taken into account to consideration to find out the best alternatives to AdSense.


The first on my list is It works differently than Google AdSense, but it can earn you a lot of money. The first thing I would like to make it very clear that if you have low traffic on your blog, then you won’t get your blog approved by this Ad marketplace. You must need a good amount of traffic to your blog to get approved. Once your blog is approved, it starts displaying the impressions of the ad spaces you show on your blog by installing the code that you get from BSA.

The more impressions your blog will have, the more advertisements you will get. You can fix a price for every ad unit you place on your blog. Advertisers come and see your blog stats on BSA, and if they are interested, they do buy ad slots on your blog. You get a notification in your email about it, once you approve the ad, it starts displaying on your blog. You get the payment from BSA as well. Mind it that BSA keeps 25% commission from every sale.

2) Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is basically a CPA (Cost Per Action) program, but it has CPM and CPC models too. They use contextual, and geo-targeting ad serving technologies to show ads on publishers’ sites. The approval process is very easy and instant. RevenueHits targets your audiences with contexual and ads related to their previous queries. The earnings from RevenueHits is better than AdSense and it is the most preferred blog monetization program for people whose AdSense is blocked or banned.

Which sites are best for RevenueHits program?

RevenueHits program gives best results if your site is on the Tech niche or entertainment niche. Sites focusing on Women and Teens or youth-oriented sites like movie review sites can earn huge even without AdSense.

Like other Ad programs, it also processes payments on 30days basis if you reach the minimum payment threshold limit i.e. $50.


Infolinks is getting so much popularity nowadays, and it is becoming the number one alternative to AdSense. Whenever you ask a blogger, they will recommend it if AdSense has rejected you.


Infolinks is good because the approval process is not strict. They are legit as well as the ad units are highly customizable. If you just add the Infolinks on your blog, it might cause distraction because there are many ad units that might irritate the readers. But if you customize them well and limit the number of ads per page as well as choose custom colors, then the ads won’t look irritating anymore. This is an excellent in-text ad program only if you can use it right.

4) [Yahoo! Bing Network]

I consider is one of the best Alternatives of Google AdSense. It is also known as Yahoo! Bing Network as they power it, and advertisements shown on publishers sites are of Yahoo, Bing Advertisers.

As compared to AdSense, you can get easy approval if your site has good traffic especially from US, UK, and Canada. The best thing is the ads you get on your blog from this network are of high quality.

5) Chitika: AdSense alternative for US traffic sites

Chitika looks very similar to Google AdSense, but it’s comparatively easy to get approved for this ad program. The best thing is Chitika’s ads are search driven; it displays ads only to those visitors who come from the search engine . Though Chitika is one of the most preferred ad programs after AdSense, ad performance is low for general publishers. Being a publisher, you need to apply for silver and gold levels of Chitika to increase earning from it.

6) Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media is just another text ad network. They also have in-image ads that integrate text ads within the image, and display ads that work on CPM basis.

7) Bidvertiser

For the bloggers who don’t get approved for AdSense or their account has been disabled, Bidvertiser can be the best ad programs to use. This is a Pay per Click Ad program. It shows the ads on your site from the advertisers who have the highest bidding to advertise on your blog.

Bidvertiser gradually increases your earning amount, so you have to be patient when you use bidvertiser. The wait is worth it because by time it understands your audience like no one does.

8) Viglink

Viglink is very different from the ad programs mentioned above. Once you install the code on your blog, it will turn normal text into affiliate links. Check the below image, where there is a text “Samsung galaxy Note 4”, what it will do is add affiliate link to it so that if someone buys from this link, you will get commission.

viglink9) Clicksor


Clicksor has so many ad formats that you can use on your blog as per your requirement, but intext ads and text ads are the most popular ones among its publishers. You can get your earning via cheque or Paypal once you reach the payment threshold, i.e. $50. No doubt Clicksor is one of the top 10 google AdSense alternatives.

10) Adversal

One of the great alternatives of Google AdSense, but to apply to this you must have more than 50,000 page views. The payment threshold is just $20. It also offers an affiliate program.

There are so many alternatives of Google AdSense on the web that you can use to earn revenue. Nevertheless AdSense is still the best one among all, but when you don’t approval from it, these are the best alternatives that can generate good ROI from your blog.

What is your top choice for blog advertisement other than AdSense? Have you tried anything other than AdSense? Do share your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Best AdSense alternatives: Top 10 alternatives to adsense for blog (HUGE) monitization”

  1. Google Adsense is the best revenue advertising program but I really don’t agree that it’s the best of all. Adsense has VERY strictly rules and may ban you even if you didn’t do anything to get that ban and the worst thing is, you cannot appeal (you can but you won’t get your account back).

    Infolinks- this is probably the worst advertising media, it has ONLY facebook ads and they are really untargeted that’s why I really don’t recommend this media, really bad.
    Adsense wins if you can have your account.


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