How to activate SBI internet banking easily in 2 minutes

Hey friends, if you are searching for something like how to activate internet banking in SBI or how to online SBI for your SBI account, then you are on the right place now. Here you will be guided through a detailed process of registering to internet banking  for your SBI account easily.

SBI, the largest banking and financial service provider in India is providing e-banking facility for its customers hence bringing ease in their all banking transactions like fund transfer, getting mini e-statements, paying e-tax and other utility bills. In this era of internet, where everyone is busy with their schedules will surely opt for banking at ease .

We all want to make our daily transactions, make purchases and view our account statements in our convenience with visiting to our banking branch.  Now SBI customers can get their transaction details, transfer money, shop for daily needs and many more facilities just by activating internet banking in their SBI account. But before we know the process of availing this benefits, we first of all need to know what e-banking or Internet banking means.

What is online banking or Internet banking?

Internet banking is a payment system carried electronically between two users of the same or different financial institutions (banks).

Advantages or facilities of Internet Banking:-

Internet banking is helpful in providing many facilities to its users. A few of them can be mentioned as below-

  • Getting mini statement of their account.
  • Transferring funds to third parties
  • Demanding or requesting for issuance of cheque books online
  • Making demand drafts online
  • Downloading account statements

How to register for SBI internet banking:-

In order to avail the above facilities, one has to get him/herself registered in their bank for internet banking. To register for SBI internet banking, below are a few easy and must to follow steps.

Registering by submitting Online SBI registration form:-

One can activate internet banking in SBI by submitting the SBI Internet banking registration form in the branch. This form can be downloaded from SBI’s official site

Downloading ONLINE SBI registration form:-

To download SBI internet banking or online SBI registration form, we first need to visit SBI Internet Banking page i.e

Here, click on the tab ‘Login’, and then click on ‘forms’.


Then, click on ‘Internet banking form’ and save the form in your computer.


Filling up the SBI Internet Banking Form;-

After downloading the form, take a print out of the form and fill up the relevant fields in the form in BLOCK letters. It is very important to provide your mobile number in the form for verifying your all financial transactions through OTP while carrying out any transactions or making any changes in your prfile section.

Submitting the SBI Internet Banking form in your Home branch:

After filling up the form, visit your SBI home branch and submit it. Now you will be gifted a PPK (Pre-Printed Kit) by the bank which will contain your username and password for your e-portal site in order to login to your account.

SBI Internet Banking first time login/user:-

After receiving the PPK from your branch, logon to and enter the credentials provided in your kit.

Changing your Username/password in SBI:-

After entering your default credentials or the first time, you will be redirected to a page asking you to change your default ones into your desired ones available for use. Now, be ready with another password for your profile section. This password will allow you to add/delete beneficiaries, and make other changes to your profile section.

Tips to remember while while changing your username/password an SBI:-

SBI will ask you to enter your new username/password and will check its availability in its database. It will only permit available username to be your credential. Remember, your username/password in online sbi is case sensitive.

Getting started to SBI Internet Banking:-

After changing your credentials you are eligible to carry out transactions in your SBI e-portal.

Step by step process for using SBI Internet Banking:-

  • First of all, logon to SBI’s official site
  • Now click on the tab ‘Login’.LOGIN
  • Then the following screen will appear. Here click on the tab ‘Continue to login’.continue
  • Here, you will be redirected to the page asking you to enter your username and password.credential
  • Enter your username and password in the respective fields and then click ‘login’.
  • Now your online portal will open for making and viewing all your banking and non banking tasks.


Internet Banking in SBI is much easy and convenient to use. For its user-friendly graphics. Your credentials and other belongings in Internet banking should be your privacy, which getting disclosed to others might be a risk for your financial and professional privacy.

Have you activated internet banking in SBI? How is your experience using Online SBI?

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