Top 5 compact Bluetooth Keyboards for Mac under $100

Are you looking for A wireless keyboard for your favourite MAC?

Want to have an amazing piece that looks and feels premium yet doesn’t hit hard on your pocket?

Then you have landed here, in the right place.

When looking for a wireless keyboard, it is necessary to keep in mind various features like the thickness of the device, its handy or not, its connectivity range, softness of the keys.

Just review the best top 5 wireless MAC keyboard trending these days that will just give a boost to your user experience.
These keyboards are really an additional comfort to your MAC . I have below mentioned top 5 wireless Bluetooth connectivity enabled keyboards that will cost you below $100 on the average.

1. The Apple Wireless Keyboard

While this model is included in all new iMacs, you can even buy this as a standalone entity.  When we tested the keyboard, it so happened to be the best match for the Apple products obviously with its pedigree.

best apple wireless bluetooth keyboard under 100

The apple wireless keyboard is one of the most durable and light keyboard in its type.

This silver coloured piece comes with a weight of 10.4 ounces. It has an amazing Bluetooth connectivity range of 30 feet from your MAC.

Blessed with its high-speed pairing feature with your Apple machine, it has an inevitable response sense.

The keys embedded on it function so smoothly and has a buttery touch. It’s raised rear edge gives it a better ergonomic placement.

Its full sized keys are strictly responsive for your apple machine. Besides this, this wireless device also possesses other features like brightness adjustment factor keys, mission control, launch pad and many other beyond our expectations.

One feature which really made me impressed is it automatically powers down when not in use, hence saving your power.

It comes with a one year warranty so we can try it risk-free!

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2.  Anker Ultra Compact Keyboard

This model is known for its ultra slim and compact creation. It is a handy piece which only takes 2/3rd of your traditional keyboard space. Packed with a rechargeable Li battery of 800 mAh which lasts for an idle period of 6 months is the one you can’t avoid for your favourite MAC.

best ultra compact keyboard below 100 anker keyboard for mac

Along with MAC, it is also compatible with Windows OS, android devices and iPads.

Its low profile matte finish keys will definitely enhance your user experience.

One of the best features it is blessed with is it automatically gets connected to your last connected device.

This ultra compact model is packed along with a 2.3 feet micro USB cable charger perfectly measured for your comfort. It has an 18 month warranty period. It is one of the best-chosen models for your all needs.

This wonderful piece has a range capacity of 10 mt. Range.

It is very conscious of your device battery factor, hence it automatically runs down to power saving mode if left unused for 30 minutes.

The power indicator in this keyboard will lit up red, indicating you to connect to a power socket in case it runs out of charge.

I am sure you will like the feel of the keyboard.

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  1. Logitech Keys to Go Wireless Keyboard

It’s  another beautiful keyboard for mac computers known for its quality ultra slim portable device. This model beyond your expectations can fit in your coat pocket, purse or your office briefcase.

logitech bluetooth keyboard for mac under 100

It is a small handy device. It is durable and spill resistant. The keyboard has a wipeable surface allows you to wipe out any dirt or dust on its surface.

The keys in this model are very well spaced making it comfortable to type even for hours. It is packed with a rechargeable battery which once fully charged can give you a using allowance upto 3 months. The most rated quality in this product is it gets paired quickly through Bluetooth connection. I would prefer this handy device for all my purposes.

You will find a battery icon on the top right corner of the keyboard, which when pressed will lit-up a small LED indicating the battery status of the keyboard.

The keys on this keyboard work silently avoiding the key noise while typing.

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  1. RAPOO BLADE E 9080: the stylish apple keyboard for you!

I am sure you would not regret buying this product right now as it has an amazing unique combinations of many dream features in it.

rapoo blade bluetooth keyboard for mac computers within 100

This model is as much as 5.6 mm thick making it one of the most ultra-slim compact keyboard. It is, in other words, a stainless steel plate possessing scissor key structure.

It lacks no key arrangement rules making it the best for users who stay engaged typing day-night long.

It comes with 2 AAA alkaline batteries pre-installed.

As it contains an inbuilt touchpad, there is no requirement  of any additional mouse making it much-preferred model these days.

Besides its slimy feature, the Rapoo Blade E 9080 has a 24 GHz wireless connectivity up to 10 mt. Range.

You can switch between its Numpad and touchpad mode in just a gentle slide.

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5.     Bluetooth Buddy: Adesso SlimTouch Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

This model has a well-designed user interface. It includes embedded numeric keys. You can get the most essential feature of lighted LED for Numlock Capslock and Scroll lock keys.

mac bluetooth keyboards fashionable and light under 100

This model is a well-equipped durable handy device which worth its price. Its membrane key switches last long and is the best keyboard for long or short term use.

This stunning look keyboard is quite impressive.

We have reviewed several keyboards in this category, but Adesso seems to be the top dog.

Be it for your office or personal use, this is the best model letting you forget your wrist pains while long typing. The perfect compact apple keyboard for bloggers and freelance writers.

The build quality of the keyboard is quite good.

It’s smarter power management enhances battery life. On the upper right corner , there is a LED which will lit up when the battery is about to die. It is a valuable and work efficient model.

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Conclusion:  (My Verdict)

So, these are the best top 5 compact Bluetooth keyboards for your Mac. All these premium keyboards for apple computers are designed to make you feel great. If you are looking for a wireless keyboard or fashionable Mac keyboards, I think you can go with any of the above-mentioned keyboards.

Which is your favourite compact keyboard for Mac within $100 range? Do write us in the comments. Tell us if we missed your top pick!

If I were to choose one, I would go for The Apple Wireless Keyboard which is featured packed and within the budget of $100.

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